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31 Mar BJJ GI Size Guide
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BJJ GI Size Guide – How to choose the correct Size BJJ GI.Probably the most common questions we get asked are to do with GI sizing. The GI size chart can sometimes be a little confusing with both height and weight mentioned and with some people falling between various sizes and others being too tall and slim or too short and big to fit somewhere in the chart. These are just some of the problems people face when trying to pick the right size. Below we will show you how to choose the right size no matter what your build is.BJJ GI Size SystemBJJ GI Sizes are worked out a little bit different when..
30 Mar BJJ Gear Guide - Everything you need to start BJJ
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BJJ Gear Guide - Everything you need to start BJJ. Kitting yourself out for your first BJJ class can be an exciting and sometimes daunting task. Our BJJ Gear guide will help you choose the right gear, be it for Jiu-Jitsu in the GI, No GI or both.BJJ in the GITo train BJJ in the GI (sometimes called a Kimono) you will need as a minimum a GI (Jacket and trousers) and a belt. Some people will also wear a rashguard under their GI top, but this is optional at most clubs.There are various types of GIs and most are suited for the rigours of daily training. Make sure to buy a GI that is made for Brazi..
30 Mar BJJ GI Care Guide - How to Care for your BJJ GI
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BJJ GI Care Guide - How to Care for your BJJ GI. Ever wondered what the best way to care for your new BJJ GI is? Most newcomers to the sport will think you can just wash and dry it like the rest of your clothes. Wrong! Doing so could be a costly mistake and wreck your GI in more ways than one.Below we will outline the best way to care for your GI that will help preserve its colour, size and condition.Washing your BJJ GIYou should always wash your GI straight away after class. Leaving it in a gym bag even if it is just overnight can lead to the GI discolouring, smelling and harbouring germs (Th..
30 Mar BJJ GI Weaves Explained - The Definitive Guide
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BJJ GI Weaves Explained - The Definitive Guide. Choosing a GI can be a daunting task especially when there are so many different types, and each one made from a different type of BJJ GI Weave.  The weave refers to the cotton material that a BJJ GI jacket is made from (The trousers/pants are usually made from a different type of material). Below we will outline the main type of BJJ GI Weaves and explain the pros and cons for each one.  Single Weave Single weave cotton is classed as the basic weave as it is used on many entry-level GIs. This is mainly due to the price of the material being..
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